Joaquin Pais, CEO , ShowerThinkingJoaquin Pais, CEO
The marketing and sales teams strive to get closer to their target audiences to deliver meaningful experiences across platforms, and they demand smart digital technologies to that end. This demand has gone up several notches with COVID-19, which has pushed companies and their teams to go digital ‘overnight.’ While Salesforce Marketing Cloud has emerged as the state-of-the-art solution for marketing and sales teams to achieve desired results, the teams often find themselves at crossroads in tracking and optimizing the customer experience and journey. They need assistance in combining the latest technologies with data and business processes to get the complete view of the customers for maximum conversion.

Stepping up to these challenges is ShowerThinking, a marketing intelligence agency that comprises marketing professionals who are not only Salesforce certified experts but also Salesforce lovers. Being at the intersection of digital marketing, business consulting, technology implementation, and data science, team ShowerThinking brings to the market a hybrid marketing agency that connects technology and marketing teams seamlessly for swift project execution. “With our technology integration and managed services, we act as the glue that binds diverse teams, technologies, and data in the client environment,” says Joaquin Pais, CEO of ShowerThinking. “We go the whole hog and set up advanced analytics for maximum revenue for our clients.”
The company offers managed services that range from consulting to technology implementation to strategy optimization to training. The end result: teams can create quality-first customer experience campaigns—easily.

Having executed hundreds of sales and marketing campaigns over the years, team ShowerThinking has realized that a campaign is more about change management than just plugging in a new shiny piece of technology. The marketing, sales, and IT teams need to follow a culture that facilitates a broader understanding of the target audiences, even without interacting with them in a physical environment, and delivers the experiences they anticipate.

This is where ShowerThinking’s unique framework comes into play. “Our framework guides clients to explore apt customer data sources that help them understand what type of journey resonates with the target audience. “Built using the team’s digital experience, Salesforce expertise, and its knowledge of business intelligence and artificial intelligence, the framework is a set of processes that allows clients to bring new technologies and capabilities to their existing campaigns without any downtime. That means, clients’ teams can easily migrate their existing strategic marketing plans to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Perhaps what separates ShowerThinking in the market is its constant dialog with clients’ teams. “We tell them why we do what we do at every stage of a project,” says Pais. “And we train them throughout, which not only improves our relationship with them and the project outcomes but also helps them use Salesforce Marketing Cloud intuitively.”

Besides the informal training that happens on the ground, ShowerThinking has dedicated training services, too. The company provides training on using Salesforce’s digital strategies to make the most out of customer experience data during the campaign. Leading from the front, Pais is not only a Salesforce-certified Consultant but also a professor and director of Salesforce-centric marketing courses in many universities, which demonstrates the value ShowerThinking has to offer to the market.

A number of companies from across industries thrive on ShowerThinking’s marketing prowess. For instance, ShowerThinking helped a multinational pharma company, LEO, Pharma effectively implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The marketing expert used Datorama for marketing intelligence in the form of campaign tracking and analytics. In another instance, to assist the health and pharma industry, ShowerThinking developed a marketing solution that integrates Veeva CRM, Sitecore CMS, and similar technologies with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This marketing solution also helps clients enhance security and follow the compliance and governance guidelines. Delivering more than 50 campaigns every month, ShowerThinking is supporting people-centric customer experience projects for companies globally.

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